Insurance & Licenses?

I have had a few customers compare prices with their old window cleaners, and want to know why there is a difference. At Clear Horizons, we are a fully licensed and insured window cleaning company. Many “Bucket Bob’s” can clean a window, but do they have a general liability insurance policy covering them for up to two million dollars in the case of something happens? We can provide these documents on request. Why would you even want to risk hiring anybody that isn’t insured? Some of my clients have even offered to let me use their ladder on occasions. This has lead me to wonder, was the last guy that unprepared and not have a ladder? I understand customers are only trying to be nice, but you should NEVER let any contractor use your items. If that ladder were to fail or cause harm, you could be liable. That’s a very scary thought for a home owner. You should only trust licensed professionals if you care about longevity. Saving a few dollars to a unlicensed contractor with very little overhead, shouldn’t sit well with anyone! If you are interested in seeing our documents, you can always get a hold of me HERE.

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