Recommended Time Between Window Cleaning

A common question I get asked a lot is, how often should people get their windows cleaned. As with anything, there are many answers and not all apply to every situation. Cleaning windows is a matter of personal preference and several deciding factors. Businesses have higher traffic and want to create a presentable atmosphere to cater to the customer. Homeowners may have different answers depending on their situation. Having pets, children, or living in a rural area, play factors into that decision.

In my experience I have came to the conclusion that a good timeline for businesses to get their windows cleaned, is bi-weekly or monthly. Nobody wants to eat or shop at a dirty place. Windows are a big design aspect of modern architecture. There is no reason to let your new glass be hindered by dust and grime. Homeowners on the other hand should wash their windows between 3-6 months. This prevents water spots being able to build up, and to see if there are any problems with your windows. It’s common to see double pane windows seals go out, and it’s better to fix the problem sooner than later. Windows are NOT very fun to install; on your wallet or to do in general.

Another question I get is when should people clean their windows? If you have thought you need to get it done, it is probably time to do it! Living in Arizona, the dust loves to stick to your screens, and settle in the tracks. With our lack of rain around here you’ll need to get all that off somehow. We’re always ready to lend a hand!

This article should help you make a decision on when and how often to clean you windows. You can contact me HERE if you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment. Have a great day!

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